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সিভিল ইঞ্জিনিয়ারিং এর কিছু দরকারি বই
Ashraful Haque - 25 May 2013
1A Course in Civil Engineering DrawingSikka, V. B.
2A course in docks and harbour engineeringBindra, Dr. S. P.
3A course in Highway engineeringBindra,S.P.
4A Practical Guide on Construction Drawings and Reinforcement DetailingIqbal,S.
5Engineering drawing : Geometrical drawingGill, P. S.
6A textbook of estimating and costing (civil): Including accounts and building bye-lawsKohli, D. D.
7A textbook of railway engineeringSaxena,  S. C.
8A textbook of transportation engineeringChandola, S. P.
9A textbook of Water Power Engineering: Including dams engineering, hydrology and fluid power engg.Sharma, R. K.
10A textbook on basic civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics with practical’s and vivaGupta, J. P.
11A textbook Of Engineering and General GeologySingh, P.
12Advanced Reinforced Concrete DesignVarghese,P.C.
13Advanced technical communicationTyagi, Kavita
14Basic civil engineeringHiraskar, G. K.
15Basic Communication Skills For TechnologyRutherfoord, A.J
16Building ConstructionRangwala
17Building construction handbookMathur, S.
18Building materialsVarghese, P. C.
19Civil Estimating & Costing: Including quantity surveying, tendering and valuationUpadhyay, A. K.
20Concise handbook of Civil EngineeringVazirani, V. N.
21Concrete  TechnologyRethaliya,R.P.
22Concrete technology: Theory and practiceGambhir, M L
23Concrete technology: Theory and practiceShetty, M. S.
24Construction management and  P.W.D AccountsLal, D.
25Construction of structures and management of worksRangala
26Construction project planning and schedulingPatrick, Charles
27Construction Project scheduling and ControlMubarak, Saleh
28Construction TechnologyBryan, T.
29Design Graphics: Drawing techniques for design professionalsKoenig, P. A.
30Design of concrete structuresBandyopadhyay, J. N.
31Design of reinforced concrete foundationsVerghese, P. C.
32Design of reinforced concrete shells and folded platesVerghese, P. C.
33Design of reinforced concrete structuresGambhir, M. L.
34Design Of Small DamsUnited states department of the interior
35Design Of Steel StructuresSai Ram,K.S.
36Design of steel structuresDayaratnam, P.
37Design of steel structuresSegui, William
38Dynamics of StructuresPaultre, Patrick
39Dynamics Of Structures Theory and applications to earthquake engineeringChopra, A.K.
40Earthquake Engineering For Structural DesignMathur,S.
41Earthquake Resistant Building ConstructionSharma,N.
42Earthquake resistant design of structuresAgarwal, Pankaj
43Earthquake-resistant design of masonry buildingtomazevic, Miha
44Electrical engineering fundamentalsToro, Vincent Del
45Elements of bridge tunnel and railway engineeringBindra,S.P.
46Water: Culture, Politics and ManagementVatsyayan, Kapila
47Elements of Civil Engineering and Engineering MechanicsRaikar, R. V.
48Elements of civil engineering and engineering MechanicsPrakash, M. N. Shesha
49Engineering Fluid MechanicsBalachandran,P.
50Engineering Fluid MechanicsKumar,K.L.
51Engineering in rocks for slopes, foundations and tunnelsRamamurthy, T.
52Engineering management: Challenges in the new millenniumChang, C. M.
53English For EngineersAbidi,A.
54Estimating, Costing And ValuationRangwala, S.C.
55Fluid flow in pipes and channelsAsawa, G. L
56Fluid MechanicsPnueli, D.
57Fluid MechanicsKumar, D. S.
58Foundation design in practiceGhosh, Karuna Moy
59Foundation engineeringVarghese, P. C.
60Fundamentals of Engineering Drawing: With an introduction to interactive Computer graphic for DesignLuzadder, Warren J.
61Fundamentals of Fluid MechanicsMunson,B.R.
62Fundamentals of reinforced concreteSina, N. C.
63Fundamentals of reinforced concrete designGambhir, M. L.
64Fundamentals Of Soil Dynamics and earthquake engineeringPrasad,B.B.
65Fundamentals of Structural AnalysisWest, Harry H.
66Fundamentals of structural analysis: With computer analysis and applicationsRoy, Sujit Kumar
67Fundamentals of surveyingRoy, S. K.
68Geotechnical Engineering: Principles and PracticesCoduto, Donald P.
69Geotechnical Engineering (Soil Mechanics)Ramamurthy,T.N.
70Groundwater hydrologyTodd, David Keith
71Groundwater management: Sustainable approachesBhatnagar, Meenu
72Handbook of soil analysis: Mineralogical, organic and inorganic methodsPansu, Marc
73Harbor, dock and tunnel engineeringSrinivasan,R.
74Highway EngineeringWright, Paul H.
75Hydraulics and PneumaticsUpadhyay, A. K.
76Hydrology and soil conservation engineering: Including watershed managementDas, Ghanshyam
77Hydrology and water resources of indiaJain, sharad K.
78Indian Practical Civil Engineering's HandbookKhanna, P. N.
79Industrial waste water treatmentPatwardhan, A. D.
80Introduction to hydraulics and pneumaticsIlango, S.
81Introduction to HydrologyViessman, Jr. Warren
82Irrigation and drainage engineeringSiddiqui, Iqtidar H.
83Irrigation and water power engineeringDas, Madan Mohan
84Irrigation engineering & hydraulic structuresSahasrabudhe, S. R.
85Irrigation Engineering : Including hydrologySharma, R. K.
86Limit state design in structural steelShiyekar, M. R.
87Limit state design of reinforced concreteVarghese, P. C.
88Managing the Construction Process: Estimating, Scheduling, and Project ControlGould, Frederick
89Manual of Soil analysis: Monitoring and Assessing Soil BioremediationMargesin, Rosa
90Mastering: AutoCAD 2012 and AutoCAD LT 2012Omura, George
91Mechanics of structures Vol.2: Theory and analysis of structuresJunnarkar, S. B.
92Microsoft Office Project 2003Chatfield,C.
93Practical design of reinforced concrete structuresGhosh, K. M.
94Principles and practice of bridge engineeringBindra, S. P.
95Principles and practice of soil science: The soil as a natural resourceWhite, Robert E.
96Principles of highway engineering and traffic analysisMannering , Fred L.
97Principles of pavement designYoder, E. J.
98Principles of tunneling, ports and harboursSingh, P
99Principles of water and wastewater treatmentGaur, P. K.
100Professional CommunicationTyagi,K.
101Properties of ConcreteNeville, A. M.
102Question bank Civil EngineeringMurty, V. S.
103R.C.C. design and drawingSharma, N.
104Principles Of Railway EngineeringRangwala, S. C.
105Reinforced Concrete Vol-1Shah,H.J.
106Soil and foundation engineeringUpadhyay, A.K.
107Soil and Water Conservation EngineeringSchwab, G.O.
108Soil mechanics & foundation engineeringRaj, P. Purushothama
109Soils in constructionSchroeder, W. L.
110Stability analysis and design of structuresGambhir, M. L.
111Steel structures: Design and drawingUpadhayay, A. K.
112Strength of MaterialsUpadhyay, A. K.
113Strength of MaterialsChakraborti, M.
114Strength of Materials structuresCase, John
115Strength of MaterialsUpadhyay, A. K.
116Strength of MaterialsSingh, Surendra
117Strength of Materials: Mechanics of solidsKumar, Ranjan
118Strength of MaterialsChakraborti, M.
119Structural analysisDas, Madan Mohan
120Structural analysis: In theory and practiceWilliams, Alan
121Structural Design in SteelRaz, Sarwar Alam
122Structural mechanicsUpadhyay, A. K.
123StructuresSchodek, D. L.
124SurveyingSaikia, Mimi Das
125SurveyingBannister, Arthur
126Surveying and Leveling (Part 2)Kanetkar, T.P.
127Technical Communication A Practical approachPfeeiffer,W. S.
128Technical WritingBasu,B.N
129Technical Writing Process And  ProductGerson,S.J.
130Textbook of geotechnical engineeringKhan, Iqbal H.
131Textbook of soil mechanics and foundation engineeringMurty, V. N. S.
132The Seismic Design HandbookNaeim, Farzad
133Theoretical foundation engineeringDas,B.M.
134Theory and practice of foundation designSom, N. N.
135Theory of StructuresKhurmi, R. S.
136Transportation EngineeringUpadhyay, A. K.
137Transportation engineering: An IntroductionKhisty, C. jotin
138Tunnel engineeringSaxena, Subash C.
139Turbulent flowGarde, R. J.
140Understanding concept of structural analysis and designParikh, Janak P.
141Valuation of real propertiesRangwala
142Water And Waste water SystemsAhluwalia, P.
143Water and wastewater technologyHammer, Mark J.
144Elements of civil engineeringKandya, Anurag A.
145Water Resources EngineeringWurbs,R.A
146Water resources engineeringSahasrabudhe, S. R.
147Water supply and pollution controlViessman, Warren
148Water supply in rural india (policy and programmed)Ghosh, G.
149Water Works Engineering Planning, design and operationQasim,S.R.
150Soil mechanicsLambe, T. William
151Basic civil engineeringGopi, Sathees
152Building practice: Civil engineeringSingh, Suraj
153Estimating construction costsPeurifoy, Robert, L.
154Prestressed concrete bridgrsRaju , N. Krishna.
155Road infrastructure : Issue and implicationsDate, Vivek
156Quality management of cement concrete constructionGahlot, PS
157Soil survey manualUnited state department
158Transport planning and traffic engineeringFlaherty, C. A. O.
159Textbook of soil mechanics and foundation engineeringMurthy, V. N. S.
160Pavement analysis and designHuang, Yang, H.
161Integrated life cycle design of structuresSarja, Asko
162Structural analysisDas, Madan Mohan
163Transportation Engineering and PlanningPapacostas, C.S.
164Principles of transportation engineeringChakroborty, Partha
165Theory and practice of water and wastewater treatmentDroste, Ronald
166Highway EngineeringWright, Paul H.
167A dictionary of civil engineeringGhose, D. N.
168Bridge Maintenance, safety and managementMathur, Sanjeev
169Soil mechanics & foundation engineeringRaj, P. Purushothama
170Structural plasticity: Limit, shakedown and dynamic plastic anayses of structuresYu, Maohong
171Basic  engineering mechanics and strength of materialsDas,Madan,Mohan
172Elements of civil engineeringSaikia, Mimi, Das
173Analysis and design practice of steel structuresGhosh, Karuna Moy
174Soil mechanics and foundation engineeringKalita, Utsav chandra
175SurveyingSaikia, Mimi Das
176Elementary engineering surveyingGhosh, J. K.
177Reinforced concrete: Handbook for building design limit state & working stress methods of designKrishnamurthy, D.
178Cities and urban lifeMacionis, John J.
179Canal design and constructionBairathi, V.K.
180Experiments in hydraulic engineeringSingh, Sarbjit
181Strength of MaterialsSrivastava, A. K.
182Basics of the Engineering DrawingEngr. Siddiqi, Zahid Ahmed
183Engineering Drawing: Plane and Solid GeometryBhatt, N. D.
184Engineering Drawing: with an introduction to AutoCadJolhe, Dhananjay A

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ইলেকট্রিক্যাল ইঞ্জিনিয়ারিং এর কিছু দরকারি বই
Ashraful Haque - 25 May 2013
Books Related to Electrical Engineering
264Network AnalysisValkenburg, M. E.Van
265Antenna and Wave PropagationYadava, R. L.
266Digital Signal Processing: Fundamentals and ApplicationsTan, Li
267Signals and Systems for Bioengineers: A Matlab-Based IntroductionSemmlow, John
268Microwave EngineeringPozar,David M
269Fundamentals of Logic DesignRoth, Charles  H.
270Fundamentals of Electrical DrivesVeltman, Andre
271Signals Systems and TransformsPhillips, Charles L.
272Electric Machines and Electric Drives: Problems with SolutionDe, Nisit k.
273Signals and Systems using MatlabChaparro, Luis F.
274Fundamentals of Electric DrivesMohammed A. El-Sharkawi,
275Wireless Communications and NetworkingGarg, Vijay K.
276Digital Logic: Applications and DesignYarbrough, John M.
277Wireless Sensor Networks: An Information ProcessingZhao Feng
278Surface Acoustic Wave Devices in Telecommunications: Modeling and SimulationHashimoto, Ken-ya
279Digital Communications: Fundamentals and ApplicationsSklar, Bernard
280Digital Signal Processing: A Practice Guide for Engineering and ScientistsSmith, Steven W.
281Digital Signal Processing: A Modern IntroductionAmbardar, Ashok
282Digital Signal ProcessingWhite, Steve
283Power Electronics: Principle & ApplicationsJacob, J. Michael
284Embedded Systems DesignHeath, Steve
285Electric Motors and Drives: Fundamentals, Types and ApplicationsHughes, Austin
286Handbook of Wireless Networks and Mobile ComputingStojmenovic, Ivan
287AD Hoc Networks: technologies and ProtocolsMohapatra, Prasant
288Practical Low Power Digital VLSI DesignYeap, Gary
289Mobile Ad HOC Networks: Energy-Efficient Real-Time Data CommunicationTavli, Bulent
290Power System Operation and ControlSivanagaraju, S.
291PIC Microcontrollers: An Introduction to MicroelectronicsBates, Martin
292Digital Design: An Embedded Systems Approach Using VerilogAshenden, Peter J.
293Sound and Structural Vibration: Radiation, Transmission and responseFahy, Frank
294RFID Security and Privacy: Concepts, Protocols, and ArchitecturesHenrici, Dirk
295Multimedia Communication: Components, Techniques, StandardsKumar, Krishna
296Analog Communication: Simplified ApproachBhat, K. N. Hari
297Basic Electrical EngineeringMurthy, R. S. Ananda
298Generation and Utilization of Electrical EnergySivanagaraju, S.
299Mobile Computing: Theory and PracticeGarg, Kumkum
300Digital Communication TechniquesChitode, J. S.
301Wireless and Mobile Networks: Concepts and ProtocolsManvi, Sunilkumar S.
302Electronic Devices and CircuitsMaini, Anil K.
303Network Fundamentals and AnalysisKaduskar, R. G.
304Telecommunication System EngineeringFreeman, Roger L.
305Elements of Electrical Power Station DesignDeshpande
306Introduction to Measurements and InstrumentationGhosh, Arun K.
307Fundamentals of Power system ProtectionPaithankar, Y. G.
308An Introduction to High voltage EngineeringRay, Subir
309Digital Electronics: Logic and SystemBignell, James
310Engineering ElectromagneticShen, Liang Chi
311Principles of Digital Systems DesignRorh, Charles H.
312Basic Electrical Engineeringsingh, S. N.
313Circuit Design and Simulation with VHDLPedroni, Volnei A.
314Control system DesignGoodwin, Graham C.
315Digital Communication Techniques: Signal Design and Detection Communication System ArchitectureSimon, Marvin K.
316Problem Solving for Wireless Sensor Networks: Computer Communications and NetworksGarcia-Herando, Ana-Belen
317Biomedical Instruments: Theory and DesignWelkowitz, Walter
318Microwave & Wireless Communication TechnologyCarr, Joseph J.
319Signals and SystemsKumar, A. Anand
320Linear and Nonlinear ProgrammingLuenberger, David G.
321Telecommunication Switching, Traffic and NetworksFlood, J. E.
322An Introduction to Broadband Networks: Lan, Man, ATM, B-ISDN, and Optical Networks for IntegratedAcampora, Anthony S.
323Microwave & Wireless Communication TechnologyCarr, Joseph J.
324A Course in  Computer NetworksSharma, Dr. Sanjay
325A Course in Electrical PowerGupta, J. B.
326A Course in Electrical Technology:  Basic  Electrical EngineeringGupta, J. B.
327A Course in Electrical Technology:  Electrical MachineGupta, J. B.
328A Course in Electrical Technology:  Electronic Devices & CircuitsGupta, J. B.
329A Course in Power SystemsGupta, J. B.
330A first course in Digital Systems Design: An Integrated ApproachUyemura, John P.
331Electrical TechnologyGupta, J. B.
332Ad Hoc Wireless Networks : Architectures and ProtocolsMurthy, C. Siva Ram
333Advanced Mobile ComputingSharma, Vishnu
334Advanced Power System: Analysis and DynamicsSingh, L. P.
335An Introduction to High voltage EngineeringRay, Subir
336An introduction to Reactive power control and voltage stability in power transmission systemsChakrabarti, Abhijit
337Analysis of electric Machinery and Drive SystemsKrause, Paul C.
338Antenna Theory: Analysis and designBalanis, Constantine A.
339Antenna and Wave Propagation and TV EngineeringGautam, A. K.
340Applied Design of Experiments and Taguchi MethodsKrishnaiah, K.
341Basic Circuit TheoryHuelsman, Lawrence P.
342Basic Electrical & Electronics EngineeringGupta, J. B.
343Basic Engineering Circuit AnalysisIrwin, J David
344Biomedical signal Analysis: Contemporary Method and ApplicationsTheis, Fabian J.
345CMOS VLSI Design: A Circuit and Systems PerspectiveWeste, Neil H. E.
346Communication Networks: Fundamental Concepts and ArchitecturesGarcia, Alberto Leon
347Communication system Design Using DSP Algorithms: With Laboratory Experiments for the TMS320C67413..Tretter, Steven A.
348Communication Systems : An Introduction to Signals and Noise In Electrical CommunicationCarlson,A. Bruce
349Computer NetworksTanenbaum,Andrew S.
350Computer System ArchitectureMano, M. Morris
351Data Communication NetworksSharma, Sanjy
352Data communications and NetworkingForouzan, Behrouz A
353Data Communications and NetworksGodbole, Achyut S
354Data Communications and NetworksGodbole, Achyut S
355Data Mining and data warehousingKumar, Dr. Sachin
356Design of TransformersDasgupta, Indrajit
357Digital Communications: Fundamentals and ApplicationsSklar, Bernard
358Digital Processing Of Speech SignalsRabiner, L.R
359Digital Signal Processing : A Computer Based ApproachMitra, Sanjit K
360Digital signal Processors: Architecture, Programming and ApplicationPallavi, Andhe
361Electric Energy-Generation, Utilization and ConservationSivanagaraju, S.
362Electric Power DistributionPabla, Amarjit singh
363Electrical Power Distribution and TransmissionFaulkenberry, Luces M.
364Electrical Power Distribution SystemsKamaraju, V
365Electrical Power Systems: Analysis, Security and DeregulationVenkatesh, P.
366Electricity, Magnetism, and lightSaslow,Wayne M.
367Electronic Devices and Circuit TheoryBoylestad, Robert L.
368Electronic Devices and Circuits: An introductionMottershead
369Electronic Devices: Conventional Current VersionFloyd, Thomas L.
370Electronics: A Systems approachStorey, Neil
371Embedded Systems DesignMarriwala, Nikhil
372Engineering EconomyKhan, Zahid A.
373Engineering EconomySullivan, William G.
374Engineering ElectromagneticHayt, William H.
375Engineering Mechanics Statics & DynamicsHibbeler, R. C.
376Fiber Optic CommunicationsPalais, Joseph
377Field and Wave ElectromagneticCheng, David K.
378Foundations of Electromagnetic TheoryReitz, John R.
379Fundamentals of Analog CircuitsFloyd,Thomas L.
381Fundamentals of Network analysis & SynthesisSoni, K. M.
382Fundamentals of Radar, Sonar and Navigation Engineering (With Guidance )Sharma, K. K
383Basic ElectronicsSchultz, Mitchel E
384High Voltage EngineeringNaidu ,M.S
385Interactive Computer Graphics: A top-down approach using open GLAngel, Edward
386Internet and Web DesigningPandey, Adesh Kumar
387Introduction to bioinformaticsAttwood, Teresa, K.
388Introduction to Data MiningTan, Pang-Ning
389Introduction to Robotics: Analysis, Systems, ApplicationsNiku,Saeed B.
390Electronic Communication SystemsKennedy, George
391Machine Design: An Integrated ApproachNorton, Robert L.
392Mechanics of Materials (SI Units)Hibbeler, R. C.
393Mems and Moems technology and ApplicationsChoudhury, Rai P.
394Pulse, Digital and Switching WaveformsMillman, Jacob
395Modern Digital Signal Processing: Includes Signals and Systems MATLAB ProgramsUdayashankara, V.
396Modern ElectronicsAnand, M. L.
397Modern Power system AnalysisKothari, D P
398Modern Wireless CommunicationHaykin, Simon
399MultimediaGarg, Er. Rachit
400Multimedia: System, Technology & CommunicationPandey, Sujata
401Network analysis and synthesisGupta, B. R.
402Optical Fiber Communications: Principle and PracticeSenior, John M.
403Pattern ClassificationDuda, Richard O
404Introduction To ComputersNorton,P
405Power ElectronicsHart, Daniel W.
406Power Electronics: Circuit, Devices, and ApplicationsMuhammad H. Rashid
407Power Plant EngineeringRaja, A. K.
408Power System Analysis Operation  and ControlChakrabarti, Abhijit
409Power System EngineeringKothari, D.P
410Power System Stability and ControlKundur, Prabha
411Power Systems Modeling and Fault Analysis: Theory and PracticeTleis, Nasser D.
412Principles of Electrical EngineeringShinde, A. B.
413Process Dynamics and ControlBhagade, Sudheer S.
414Radar: Principles, Technology, ApplicationsEdde, Byron
415Real-Time SystemsLiu, Jane W. S.
416RF Circuit Design: Theory and ApplicationLudwig, Reinhold
417Robots and Manufacturing AutomationAsfahl, C. Ray
418Satellite Communication Systems EngineeringPritchard,W.L
419Theory of Power ElectronicsRao, K. L.
420A Course in Electrical PowerGupta, J. B.
421A Course in Electronics and Electrical Measurements and InstrumentationGupta, J. B.
422A Textbook of Basic Electrical and Electronics EngineeringGupta, J. B.
423A Textbook of  Electrical ScienceGupta, J. B.
424A Textbook of Electrical TechnologyGupta, J. B.
425A Textbook of  OpticsSubrahmanyam, Dr. N.
426Access Control Systems: Security, Identity Management and Trust ModelsBennantar, Messaoud
427ADTs, Data Structures, and Problem Solving with C++Nyhoff, Larry
428Advanced Computer Architecture: Parallelism, Scalability, ProgrammabilityHwang , Kai
429Advanced Control Systems: Including Digital Control Engineering, Optimal and non-linear system Ana.Soni, K. M.
430An engineering approach to digital designFletcher, W.I
431An Introduction to Electric TractionMallick, Sachidananda
432An introduction to Geographical Information SystemsHeywood, Lan
433Android Recipes A Problem-Solution ApproachSmith,D.
434Antenna and Wave PropagationYadava, R. L.
435Basic ElectricityGupta, J. B.
436Basic Electronics EngineeringBaru, Vijay
437CAD/CAM: Computer-Aided Design and ManufacturingGroover, M.
438Cloud Computing: Automating the Virtualized Data CenterJosyula, Venkata
439Communication SystemsHaykin, Simon
440Computer Graphics For Java ProgrammersAmmeraal, Leen
441Computer NetworksSharma, Sanjay
442Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software InterfacePatterson, David A.
443Data and Computer CommunicationsStallings, William
445Data Mining Concepts and TechniquesHan, Jiawei
446Decision Support Systems in the 21st CenturyMarakas, George M.
447Digital CommunicationsHaykin, Simaon
448Digital CommunicationsSharma, Sanjay
449Digital Communications: A Discrete-Time ApproachRice, Michael
450Digital Image Processing and AnalysisChanda, B.
451Digital Image Processing Using MatlabGonzalez, Rafael C.
452Digital Modulation and CodingWilson, Stephen G.
453Digital Signal Processing: With Matlab ProgramsSharma, Sanjay
454Distributed Systems: Concepts and DesignCoulouris, George
456Electric Machines and Electric Drives: Problems with SolutionDe, Nisit k.
457Electrical and Electronic MeasurementsBanerjee,G.K
458Electrical Engineering Drawing Part 1Singh, Surjit
459Electrical Engineering MaterialsShukla, R.K
460Electrical Engineering MaterialsDogra, Rakesh
461Electrical Machines 2Singh, Tarlok
462Electrical Measurement and Measuring InstrumentsSingh, Tarlok
463Electrical Transients in Power SystemsGreenwood, Allan
464Electricity and Magnetism with ElectronicsTewari, K. K.
465Electromagnetic field theory for engineers and physicistsLehner, Gunther
466Electromagnetism: Theory and ApplicationsPramanik, Ashutosh
467Electronic Devices & circuitsGupta,J.B
468Electronic Devices and Integrated CircuitsSingh, Ajay Kumar
469Electronic Instruments & MeasurementsAnand, M. L.
470Electronic Measurements and InstrumentationRajput, R. K.
471Embedded Microcontrollers and Processor designOsborn, Greg
472Engineering ElectromagneticInan, Umran S.
473Expert SystemsSharma, Pankaj
474Extra High Voltage AC Transmission EngineeringBegamudre, Rakosh Das
475Fluid Power Transmission and control: Applied Hydraulics and PneumaticsAlavudeen, A.
476Foundations for Microwave EngineeringCollin, Robert e.
477Foundations of Electric PowerCogdell, J. R.
478Fundamentals of Digital CircuitsKumar, A. Anand
479Fundamentals of Electromagnetic TheoryDash, Saroj K.
480Fundamentals of Engineering Drawing: With an introduction to interactive Computer graphic for DesignLuzadder, Warren J.
481Fundamentals of Power System ProtectionPaihankar, Y. G.
482Fundamentals of Switchgear and ProtectionGupta, J. B.
483High voltage EngineeringWadhwa, C. L.
484High-Voltage Engineering: Theory and PracticeSalam, Mazen Abdel
485Installation Commissioning & Maintenance of Electrical EquipmentsSingh, Tarlok
486Introduction to Autonomous Mobile RobotsSiegwart , Roland
487Introduction To Cryptography with Coding TheoryTrappe, Wade
488Introduction to Heat TransferSom, S. K.
489Introduction to MATLAB 7Etter, Delores M.
490Introduction to Nanoscience and NanotechnologyChattopadhyay, K. K.
491Introduction to Wireless and Mobile SystemsAgrawal, Dharma Prakash
492Introductory Circuit AnalysisBoylestad,R.L
493Introductory Electronic Devices and Circuits Conventional Flow VersionPaynter,R.T
494MechatronicsNecsulescu, Dan
495Microcontrollers: Architecture, Programming, Interfacing and System DesignRajkamal
496Microwave EngineeringRao, R. S.
497Mobile Computing: Theory and PracticeGarg, Kumkum
498Modern Control EngineeringSingh, Yaduvir
499Modern Digital and Analog Communication SystemsLathi, B.P
500Modern Optical EngineeringSmith, Warren J.
501Modern power Electronics And AC DrivesBose,B.K
502Multimedia and ApplicationsSherawat, D. S.
503Power ElectronicsGupta, B. R.
504Power System Modeling and ScriptingMilano, F.
505Power System OptimizationKothari, D. P.
506Power Systems & protectionDatta, N.K
507Principles of Control SystemsXavier, S. O. Eugene
508Principles of Distributed Database SystemsOzsu,M.T
509Principles of electronics devices and circuits: Analog and digitalTheraja, B.
510Principles of Power ElectronicsKassakian, John G.
511Problems and Solutions in ElectromagneticHayt, William H.
512Programming in Visual BasicBradley,J.C.
513Question Bank in Electrical EngineeringGupta, J. B.
514Question Bank in Electronics & Communication EngineeringGupta, Dr. B. R
515Question Bank in Electronics and Communication EngineeringSharma, Dr. Sanjay
516Electric Power SystemsNasar, Syed A
517Sears and Zemamsky's University Electricity and MagnetismYoung, Hugh D.
518Sears and Zemamsky's University MechanicsYoung, Hugh D.
519Signal and SystemsOppenheim, A.V
520Signals and systemsSoni, K. M.
521Signals and Systems: With Matlab ProgramsSharma,S
522Software Engineering: Theory and practicePfleeger, Shari Lawrence
523Sold State Devices & CircuitsSharma, S.
524Solid State Devices and ElectronicsSingh, Kamal
525Technical WritingBasu, B. N.
526Telecommunication NetworksKatiyar, Sapna
527Telecommunications Essentials: The Complete Global SourceGoleniewski, Lillian.
528The 8051 MicrocontrollerMacKenzie, I. Scott
529The 8051 Microcontroller and Embedded Systems: Using Assembly and CMazidi, M.A
530The 8088 and 8086 Microprocessor : Programming, Interfacing, Software, Hardware and ApplicationsTriebel,Walter A
531The x86 pc Assembly Language, Design and InterfacingMuhammad Ali Mazidi
532Transformers & Introduction motorsMurthy, A. S. Aravinda
533Utilization of Electric Power & Electric tractionGupta, J. B.
534VHDL for engineersShort, Kenneth L.
535Virtual machines: Versatile platforms for systems and processesSmith, J.E
536Visual Basic 2010: In Simple StepsKogent
537Wireless communication systemsVerma, Brijesh
538Wireless CommunicationsGoldsmith, Andrea
539Wireless Communications and NetworksStallings, William
540Wireless Communications: Principles and PracticeRappaport, Theodore S
541Wireless Network Evolution 2G to 3GGarg Vijay K.
542Digital Design of Signal Processing Systems: A Practical ApproachKhan, Shoaib Ahmed
543Convex OptimizationBoyed, Stephen
544Introduction to Linear OptimizationBertsimas, Dimitris
545Satellite Communication Systems: Systems, Techniques and TechnologiesMaral, Gerard
546Linear and nonlinear ProgrammingLuenberger, David G.
780Fundamentals of MultimediaLI, Ze-Nian

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