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সিভিল ইঞ্জিনিয়ারিং এর কিছু দরকারি বই

1 A Course in Civil Engineering Drawing Sikka, V. B.
2 A course in docks and harbour engineering Bindra, Dr. S. P.
3 A course in Highway engineering Bindra,S.P.
4 A Practical Guide on Construction Drawings and Reinforcement Detailing Iqbal,S.
5 Engineering drawing : Geometrical drawing Gill, P. S.
6 A textbook of estimating and costing (civil): Including accounts and building bye-laws Kohli, D. D.
7 A textbook of railway engineering Saxena,  S. C.
8 A textbook of transportation engineering Chandola, S. P.
9 A textbook of Water Power Engineering: Including dams engineering, hydrology and fluid power engg. Sharma, R. K.
10 A textbook on basic civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics with practical’s and viva Gupta, J. P.
11 A textbook Of Engineering and General Geology Singh, P.
12 Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design Varghese,P.C.
13 Advanced technical communication Tyagi, Kavita
14 Basic civil engineering Hiraskar, G. K.
15 Basic Communication Skills For Technology Rutherfoord, A.J
16 Building Construction Rangwala
17 Building construction handbook Mathur, S.
18 Building materials Varghese, P. C.
19 Civil Estimating & Costing: Including quantity surveying, tendering and valuation Upadhyay, A. K.
20 Concise handbook of Civil Engineering Vazirani, V. N.
21 Concrete  Technology Rethaliya,R.P.
22 Concrete technology: Theory and practice Gambhir, M L
23 Concrete technology: Theory and practice Shetty, M. S.
24 Construction management and  P.W.D Accounts Lal, D.
25 Construction of structures and management of works Rangala
26 Construction project planning and scheduling Patrick, Charles
27 Construction Project scheduling and Control Mubarak, Saleh
28 Construction Technology Bryan, T.
29 Design Graphics: Drawing techniques for design professionals Koenig, P. A.
30 Design of concrete structures Bandyopadhyay, J. N.
31 Design of reinforced concrete foundations Verghese, P. C.
32 Design of reinforced concrete shells and folded plates Verghese, P. C.
33 Design of reinforced concrete structures Gambhir, M. L.
34 Design Of Small Dams United states department of the interior
35 Design Of Steel Structures Sai Ram,K.S.
36 Design of steel structures Dayaratnam, P.
37 Design of steel structures Segui, William
38 Dynamics of Structures Paultre, Patrick
39 Dynamics Of Structures Theory and applications to earthquake engineering Chopra, A.K.
40 Earthquake Engineering For Structural Design Mathur,S.
41 Earthquake Resistant Building Construction Sharma,N.
42 Earthquake resistant design of structures Agarwal, Pankaj
43 Earthquake-resistant design of masonry building tomazevic, Miha
44 Electrical engineering fundamentals Toro, Vincent Del
45 Elements of bridge tunnel and railway engineering Bindra,S.P.
46 Water: Culture, Politics and Management Vatsyayan, Kapila
47 Elements of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics Raikar, R. V.
48 Elements of civil engineering and engineering Mechanics Prakash, M. N. Shesha
49 Engineering Fluid Mechanics Balachandran,P.
50 Engineering Fluid Mechanics Kumar,K.L.
51 Engineering in rocks for slopes, foundations and tunnels Ramamurthy, T.
52 Engineering management: Challenges in the new millennium Chang, C. M.
53 English For Engineers Abidi,A.
54 Estimating, Costing And Valuation Rangwala, S.C.
55 Fluid flow in pipes and channels Asawa, G. L
56 Fluid Mechanics Pnueli, D.
57 Fluid Mechanics Kumar, D. S.
58 Foundation design in practice Ghosh, Karuna Moy
59 Foundation engineering Varghese, P. C.
60 Fundamentals of Engineering Drawing: With an introduction to interactive Computer graphic for Design Luzadder, Warren J.
61 Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics Munson,B.R.
62 Fundamentals of reinforced concrete Sina, N. C.
63 Fundamentals of reinforced concrete design Gambhir, M. L.
64 Fundamentals Of Soil Dynamics and earthquake engineering Prasad,B.B.
65 Fundamentals of Structural Analysis West, Harry H.
66 Fundamentals of structural analysis: With computer analysis and applications Roy, Sujit Kumar
67 Fundamentals of surveying Roy, S. K.
68 Geotechnical Engineering: Principles and Practices Coduto, Donald P.
69 Geotechnical Engineering (Soil Mechanics) Ramamurthy,T.N.
70 Groundwater hydrology Todd, David Keith
71 Groundwater management: Sustainable approaches Bhatnagar, Meenu
72 Handbook of soil analysis: Mineralogical, organic and inorganic methods Pansu, Marc
73 Harbor, dock and tunnel engineering Srinivasan,R.
74 Highway Engineering Wright, Paul H.
75 Hydraulics and Pneumatics Upadhyay, A. K.
76 Hydrology and soil conservation engineering: Including watershed management Das, Ghanshyam
77 Hydrology and water resources of india Jain, sharad K.
78 Indian Practical Civil Engineering’s Handbook Khanna, P. N.
79 Industrial waste water treatment Patwardhan, A. D.
80 Introduction to hydraulics and pneumatics Ilango, S.
81 Introduction to Hydrology Viessman, Jr. Warren
82 Irrigation and drainage engineering Siddiqui, Iqtidar H.
83 Irrigation and water power engineering Das, Madan Mohan
84 Irrigation engineering & hydraulic structures Sahasrabudhe, S. R.
85 Irrigation Engineering : Including hydrology Sharma, R. K.
86 Limit state design in structural steel Shiyekar, M. R.
87 Limit state design of reinforced concrete Varghese, P. C.
88 Managing the Construction Process: Estimating, Scheduling, and Project Control Gould, Frederick
89 Manual of Soil analysis: Monitoring and Assessing Soil Bioremediation Margesin, Rosa
90 Mastering: AutoCAD 2012 and AutoCAD LT 2012 Omura, George
91 Mechanics of structures Vol.2: Theory and analysis of structures Junnarkar, S. B.
92 Microsoft Office Project 2003 Chatfield,C.
93 Practical design of reinforced concrete structures Ghosh, K. M.
94 Principles and practice of bridge engineering Bindra, S. P.
95 Principles and practice of soil science: The soil as a natural resource White, Robert E.
96 Principles of highway engineering and traffic analysis Mannering , Fred L.
97 Principles of pavement design Yoder, E. J.
98 Principles of tunneling, ports and harbours Singh, P
99 Principles of water and wastewater treatment Gaur, P. K.
100 Professional Communication Tyagi,K.
101 Properties of Concrete Neville, A. M.
102 Question bank Civil Engineering Murty, V. S.
103 R.C.C. design and drawing Sharma, N.
104 Principles Of Railway Engineering Rangwala, S. C.
105 Reinforced Concrete Vol-1 Shah,H.J.
106 Soil and foundation engineering Upadhyay, A.K.
107 Soil and Water Conservation Engineering Schwab, G.O.
108 Soil mechanics & foundation engineering Raj, P. Purushothama
109 Soils in construction Schroeder, W. L.
110 Stability analysis and design of structures Gambhir, M. L.
111 Steel structures: Design and drawing Upadhayay, A. K.
112 Strength of Materials Upadhyay, A. K.
113 Strength of Materials Chakraborti, M.
114 Strength of Materials structures Case, John
115 Strength of Materials Upadhyay, A. K.
116 Strength of Materials Singh, Surendra
117 Strength of Materials: Mechanics of solids Kumar, Ranjan
118 Strength of Materials Chakraborti, M.
119 Structural analysis Das, Madan Mohan
120 Structural analysis: In theory and practice Williams, Alan
121 Structural Design in Steel Raz, Sarwar Alam
122 Structural mechanics Upadhyay, A. K.
123 Structures Schodek, D. L.
124 Surveying Saikia, Mimi Das
125 Surveying Bannister, Arthur
126 Surveying and Leveling (Part 2) Kanetkar, T.P.
127 Technical Communication A Practical approach Pfeeiffer,W. S.
128 Technical Writing Basu,B.N
129 Technical Writing Process And  Product Gerson,S.J.
130 Textbook of geotechnical engineering Khan, Iqbal H.
131 Textbook of soil mechanics and foundation engineering Murty, V. N. S.
132 The Seismic Design Handbook Naeim, Farzad
133 Theoretical foundation engineering Das,B.M.
134 Theory and practice of foundation design Som, N. N.
135 Theory of Structures Khurmi, R. S.
136 Transportation Engineering Upadhyay, A. K.
137 Transportation engineering: An Introduction Khisty, C. jotin
138 Tunnel engineering Saxena, Subash C.
139 Turbulent flow Garde, R. J.
140 Understanding concept of structural analysis and design Parikh, Janak P.
141 Valuation of real properties Rangwala
142 Water And Waste water Systems Ahluwalia, P.
143 Water and wastewater technology Hammer, Mark J.
144 Elements of civil engineering Kandya, Anurag A.
145 Water Resources Engineering Wurbs,R.A
146 Water resources engineering Sahasrabudhe, S. R.
147 Water supply and pollution control Viessman, Warren
148 Water supply in rural india (policy and programmed) Ghosh, G.
149 Water Works Engineering Planning, design and operation Qasim,S.R.
150 Soil mechanics Lambe, T. William
151 Basic civil engineering Gopi, Sathees
152 Building practice: Civil engineering Singh, Suraj
153 Estimating construction costs Peurifoy, Robert, L.
154 Prestressed concrete bridgrs Raju , N. Krishna.
155 Road infrastructure : Issue and implications Date, Vivek
156 Quality management of cement concrete construction Gahlot, PS
157 Soil survey manual United state department
158 Transport planning and traffic engineering Flaherty, C. A. O.
159 Textbook of soil mechanics and foundation engineering Murthy, V. N. S.
160 Pavement analysis and design Huang, Yang, H.
161 Integrated life cycle design of structures Sarja, Asko
162 Structural analysis Das, Madan Mohan
163 Transportation Engineering and Planning Papacostas, C.S.
164 Principles of transportation engineering Chakroborty, Partha
165 Theory and practice of water and wastewater treatment Droste, Ronald
166 Highway Engineering Wright, Paul H.
167 A dictionary of civil engineering Ghose, D. N.
168 Bridge Maintenance, safety and management Mathur, Sanjeev
169 Soil mechanics & foundation engineering Raj, P. Purushothama
170 Structural plasticity: Limit, shakedown and dynamic plastic anayses of structures Yu, Maohong
171 Basic  engineering mechanics and strength of materials Das,Madan,Mohan
172 Elements of civil engineering Saikia, Mimi, Das
173 Analysis and design practice of steel structures Ghosh, Karuna Moy
174 Soil mechanics and foundation engineering Kalita, Utsav chandra
175 Surveying Saikia, Mimi Das
176 Elementary engineering surveying Ghosh, J. K.
177 Reinforced concrete: Handbook for building design limit state & working stress methods of design Krishnamurthy, D.
178 Cities and urban life Macionis, John J.
179 Canal design and construction Bairathi, V.K.
180 Experiments in hydraulic engineering Singh, Sarbjit
181 Strength of Materials Srivastava, A. K.
182 Basics of the Engineering Drawing Engr. Siddiqi, Zahid Ahmed
183 Engineering Drawing: Plane and Solid Geometry Bhatt, N. D.
184 Engineering Drawing: with an introduction to AutoCad Jolhe, Dhananjay A

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