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আবরাজ কুদাই হোটেল, মক্বা

প্রজেক্ট বর্ণনা:

  • Five-star towers
    • The towers range from 29 to 44 storeys; they include typical floors and 5 Royal/VIP floors, and comprise approximately 1,200 luxurious residential bays each;
    • The towers include prayer halls and managerial offices, and are designed to accommodate the main reception lobby and information desks, lounges, restaurants, cafés, and so on;
    • Piazza level with dedicated lounges restaurants & dinning with the associated facilities.
    • The design of the typical tower bay has been organized to ensure area of Approx: 45 Sqm
    • The Back of House areas have been carefully housed within the podium basement levels falling immediately below the plaza levels, this ensuring close proximity of the services to the various functions above.


    • The commercial zone is designed in four levels located directly above ground level, commercial levels comprise shops of various sizes and large anchor stores, while the 6th & 6th Mezzanine levels is serving as a “Food Court”. The commercial zone has also a direct access from private north road.
    • Number of panoramic elevators and a number of escalator batteries are available for easy access through different levels.


    • The large Ballroom, which has been conceived to accommodate convention events with meeting rooms & all required and adequate supporting facilities.


    • The car parking area is designed in 6 storeys accessed directly from the Shopping Mall level in addition the total capacity of the parking spaces amounts to around 3000 stalls.
    • Several entrances and exits are provided through the private road separating the cars and pedestrian circulation completely as well as providing a dedicated separate entrance for the 5 star Hotel.
    • Bus station dedicated to transport occupants from hotel to complex & from complex to Haram , assuming 70% of occupants need to go to haram accordingly bus fleet of 30 buses will be adopted 28 in motion & 7 waiting, in addition to 5 buses dedicated to airport complex route.
    • Bus station located at ground floor allowing all occupants entry to complex via separated entrances towards the related shuttles to their hotels

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